Kashrus criteria

Standards you can rely on

Here are the some of the requirements that a KCL-certified establishment fulfills:

For All Establishments

The owner must be a trustworthy shomer Torah umitzvos.

Whenever possible, ingredients must have a heimishe hechsher.

A designated ne’eman kashrus must be on premises at all times. This person must check & sign all deliveries.

When using products with national hechsherim, the production plant must be verified to ensure it meets the strictest standards.

All ovens and fires, in addition to the pilot fire, must be turned on by a Jew.

All meat departments must have a designated mashgiach aside from the business owner. This mashgiach ensures that the labels on the meat are accurate.

Caterers & Catering Halls
  • Nonkosher keilim locked away before kashering.
  • A mechitzah must be erected between milchig & fleishig kitchen areas.
  • All food from the caterer must come sealed.
  • Halls must keep separate fridges for kosher food.
Restaurants & Cafes
  • Peppers, onions, celery, lettuce, and fresh herbs and leaves must be washed & checked thoroughly to comply with the highest standard of bedikas tolaim.
  • Peeled or opened onions, garlic, and eggs must be sprinkled with salt or oil to solve the issue of linas layla.
Retail/ Supermarkets
  • Any fish coming from the market must come with a skin patch that has visible scales. Only farm-raised salmon is allowed, as wild-caught salmon is infested with the anisakis worm.
  • Produce subject to shmittah, terumos, & maasaros is not allowed.
  • Deliveries must come sealed with simanim. Meat deliveries require two simanim; fish, cheese, and bread require one siman.
  • Any repackaged lettuce & herbs must be checked thoroughly so that not even one insect remains.
Home-based Businesses
  • All food must be prepared in a dedicated kitchen with dedicated keilim.
  • The room where the food is prepared must have a combination lock accessible at the mashgiach’s convenience.
Party Planners

All details of the party must be pre-approved:

  •  Caterer
  • Keilim & props
  • Food bars
  • Alcohol
  • Date
  • Venue
  • Number of attendees

A mashgiach will be sent to the event to ensure that all qualifications are met.

Party Equipment Rentals
  • An application must be sent before the event with details about the caterer and all food at the event.
  • The event must be certified with a mashgiach on site.
  • All food served at the party must be certified by a pre-approved hashgachah.

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