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KCL Rabbonim

Our history

Trusted by Lakewood since 1989


KCL is born

Rabbis Zeev Rothschild and Mayer Rosenbaum founded the KCL so Lakewood would have its own high-level hashgachah to address the kashrus concerns of the kollel yungerleit.


Vaad Harabbonim is formed

The 5 founding rabbonim were Rav Yaakov Forscheimer, Rav Osher Chaim Lieberman, Rav Gavriel Finkel a”h, Rav Shmuel Meir Katz, and Rav Shimon Eider a”h.
Together, they appointed Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Wiesner as the KCL’s on-the-ground kashrus administrator.


First certified establishment

The first certified establishment was Bookman’s Meat & Poultry.
Rabbi Wiesner visited Lamm’s Butcher Shop in Williamsburg to observe the nikkur (deveining) & melichah (salting) process.


BMG dinner under KCL supervision

Rabbi Wiesner traveled to learn about kashering hotel kitchens for events — and BMG started using KCL for their teas and dinners.

Did you

KCL employs exclusive kashering specialists for
all hotel events they


Lakewood expands

As Lakewood grows, so do its food establishments. KCL certifies more halls, supermarkets and stores, including Glatt Gourmet, Gingerbread House, and more.


50 establishments certified by KCL


Rabbi Wiesner as Menahel HaVaad

For the first time since KCL’s inception, Rabbi Wiesner leaves all other positions and works exclusively for KCL.


Growth from within

3 senior rabbanim join KCL’s board and incorporate high-tech systems to ensure nothing falls under the radar. KCL has grown & evolved to serve the greater Lakewood community.

“The Ihr HaTorah deserves and expects the highest standards of kashrus from its kashrus commission. The KCL has set as its goal to meet and exceed this expectation.
B’siyata d’Shmaya, an ever-improving KCL will continue to earn the community’s admiration and trust.”

Rabbi Uri Deutsch, shlita

Rav of Forest Park

Kcl values

We’re the premier hashgachah trusted by a community that doesn’t compromise.

Some important standards you should know about:


Heimishe products should be used as much as possible. When there’s a need to use a product from a national brand, our kashrus product expert verifies that it meets our exacting standards.

Bedikas Tola’im

KCL takes an aggressive approach against tolaim. Our mashgichim check the produce at our establishments and make sure that all produce is bug-free.

Mechiras Chametz

Chametz must be sold through the KCL so we can verify that the mechirah was done k’halacha.

Camera Backup

Security cameras must be installed in all kitchen & food packing areas to ensure there’s no foul play.

Shomrei Shabbos

The establishment is owned by shomrei Shabbos who are committed to keeping kashrus.

Have a kashrus question or an issue to report?

Call our 24-hour Kashrus Hotline
(732) 901-1888

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Innovation & Growth

Lakewood has grown — and so have we.


KCL has developed high-tech systems to stay on top of each establishment and when a mashgiach is due to visit.
Our rabbinical board has expanded too, so each establishment has a senior rav who’s reachable any time they have a question.

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Establishments certified by KCL including stores, restaurants, caterers, and home-based businesses.


Total number of KCL full-time and part-time mashgichim, + KCL-approved kashrus supervisors


The amount of hours to kasher a typical hotel kitchen.


Average number of phone calls and inquiries KCL typically receives each week.


A mashgiach will typically check out an establishment for 45 minutes.
(Of course, he will take longer when necessary.)