The premier kashrus authority in town

Trusted by Lakewood since 1989

KCL Mashgichim

Since 1989

Kehillos Chareidim of Lakewood & Central Jersey (KCL) has enabled Lakewood to maintain the highest level of kashrus.

Careful supervision.

Higher standards.

Kashrus you can rely on.

“The KCL is our city’s local Vaad Hakashrus that is run by emes’eh bnei Torah, upholding kashrus standards which bnei Torah can feel comfortable with and appreciate.”

Rav Yaakov Efraim Forschheimer, shlita

Senior Posek, BMG

Offering kosher certification for



Halls & Catering

Party Planners


Sheimos Genizah

The KCL Seal of Approval

When you see it, you know that

Vegetables are bug-free

Shechitah is Chassidish, with the strictest standards

Ingredients are kosher l’mehadrin

Meat never left the supervision of shomrei Torah u’mitzvos

Bishul Yisroel and Pas Yisroel are upheld

All our establishments are certified with our meticulous process and exacting standards, including a hashgacha tracking system and video surveillance.


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Proudly certifying

“I’m grateful that Lakewood has a central hechsher, that KCL makes a continuous effort to service and improve, and that I can trust the people behind this hechsher.”

Rav Chaim Meir Roth, shlita

Rav of Sterling Forest Sfard